Caregivers Support Group of Trinidad and Tobago

Are we ever prepared to care for a loved one? Many of us have been thrown into this role unexpectedly. But that’s life, expect the unexpected.

Whether you are a Family or Professional caregiver. There is a continuous demand placed on us, the constant caring and doing. The mental, emotional and financial stress becomes unlimited. Where do we go to get that support?

The judgement from family and friends. The isolation from the “real world” constantly feeling out of touch with life and stuck in a “Bubble”.

Join us TODAY. Get the support you need. Ask the real questions that only those living it can answer. Understand how to start the Self-Care process.

A space where you are not judged Learn helpful care tips
Share your experience
It’s OK to be angry

Monthly meetings – laugh, cry, scream as much as you need.


Call / WhatsApp: 1-(868)-351-CARE (2273)

You Are Not Alone